ballroom dancing

Dance styles and skill levels to challenge and inspire.


Do you love to salsa after a night of tapas on the town? Do you want to be swept away by the elegance of a slow waltz? Or maybe you are just looking for a fun way to exercise and meet new people!

Whatever your skill level, CERA offers a variety of dance classes to challenge and inspire you. With more than 16 style offerings, from Latin to Swing and Country to Ballroom, our dance classes are a great way to work out, learn a skill, and make new friends.

Answers to your questions

Do I need to have any dance experience?

Nope! Even if you have 3 left feet, you can learn to dance.

But, some people look like they are learning very fast, even in the beginning class.

That’s because they’ve taken the beginning class before.

Will I remember everything taught in class?

Not everything, which is the reason why some take the class repeatedly. The more times you take the class, the more you will remember. There will always be something new to learn.

What do I need to wear to dance class?

We suggest casual dress, something comfortable, and shoes you can move easily in; leather shoe bottoms would be best. We do not recommend open-toe shoes for the ladies.

I heard someone say dancing is not real exercise!

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Dancing is great exercise! If you want to get your heart rate up, try the Samba. The Rumba is more of a light exercise, the Foxtrot is mild, the Cha Cha is a little more aggressive, and the Waltz is like a brisk walk around the block.

What is the Performance Class?

The performance class is geared for those who want more information on dance technique. We will teach body positioning of head, shoulders, arms, hips, and feet. A routine will be taught to a specific song. When the class learns the routine, students will be invited to perform in a show case at one of the CERA monthly ballroom dances.