Associate Program

become a CERA associate company

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How to Join

Submit a letter indicating your company’s interest for an Associate Company Membership to CERA. Your letter should include your current number of employees, the name, phone number and email address of your company representative, and your interest in making CERA facilities available to your employees.

CERA’s Board of Directors will review your company’s request and make a determination of your Companies acceptance as an Associate Company. Upon approval an invitation will be extended to your company to become an Associate Company in CERA and an Associate Company Sponsorship Agreement will be initiated for signature.

To obtain more information about the Associate Company Membership or to submit your letter of interest contact: Samar Mashni at or Ted Shaw at


Sign an Associate Company Membership agreement authorized by your company representative in management, at no expense to your company. Complete and sign Employee data forms. CERA will provide you with a receipt and copy of the signed Associate Company Membership agreement, and assist in distribution program information.